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Welcome to Arunalu Plants, your go-to destination for high-quality plants and gardening essentials. We’re passionate about nature and sustainability, offering a diverse range of indoor and outdoor beauties, including medicinal plants to support your health and fruit plants for a delightful harvest.

Join us on this green journey to create your own little paradise and embrace the joy of connecting with nature!

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Welcome to our Fruit Plants Store in Sri Lanka, offering a wide variety of guava, lemon, lime, wild fruit plants, and A-grade fruit plants. Cultivate your own delicious oasis with our top-notch fruit plants!

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Welcome to our Medicinal Plants Store in Sri Lanka, offering a wide variety of healing wonders. Explore the best herbal plants for small spaces, pot-friendly options, rarest medicinal plants, uncommon herbs, and A-grade selections. Discover the power of nature’s remedies and nurture your well-being with our exceptional range.

Play Video about Munronia Pinnata (Bin Kohomba)

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Welcome to Arunalu Gardening, the YouTube channel for gardening enthusiasts in both English and Sinhala languages. Learn about grafting, pruning, fertilizing, composting, tips for beginners, herb and container gardening, growing fruits and herbs, and disease control. Join us for a flourishing and fruitful experience!

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Play Video about Munronia Pinnata (Bin Kohomba)

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”This video contain about the allmost all the updated info on Munronia Pinnata ”

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Discover the fascinating world of Munronia as we delve into its leaflet types, unique characteristics, and, most importantly, its medicinal uses and proper utilization. Get ready to unlock the secrets and benefits of this remarkable plant!

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”In this video, you’ll find a comprehensive update on Thai Black Ginger, renowned for its reputation as a powerful sexual booster and often referred to as Thai Ginseng.”

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Kaempferia parviflora, commonly known as Thai Black Ginger, has gained popularity as a powerful supplement. In this video, we will explore the amazing health benefits that can be achieved through this herb. Discover how it enhances physical performance, increases energy expenditure, and showcases anti-cancer, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, we’ll delve into the use of its extract as a supplement and examine potential side effects. Get ready to uncover the full potential of Thai Black Ginger for your well-being.

Play Video about Acmella oleracea ( Toothache Plant)

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”Discover the most popular medicinal herb, Acmella oleracea, known by various names such as toothache plant, Szechuan buttons, paracress, and buzz buttons. This video provides all the essential information about this remarkable herb.”

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In addition to the toothache plant (Acmella oleracea) home remedy, this video explores other common home remedies for toothaches. Discover why the toothache plant home remedy is considered more effective than others. We will also address concerns about the plant’s toxicity and whether it is considered poisonous. Finally, we’ll delve into potential side effects associated with using the toothache plant as a remedy. Get ready to gain valuable insights into natural toothache remedies and make informed decisions for your dental health.