How to Start a Plant Nursery: With Simple Steps

how to start a plant nursery

You have many alternatives ways to start your plant nursery; You can buy a plant nursery, which is going to sell or set up a plant nursery from scratch or be a partner of already existing nursery or finally contact clients that spend money to build your plant nursery.

Some people looking to start a backyard plant nursery or indoor plant shop whatever you are going to start. These simple steps will help you to start a any type of plant nursery the same as I did, if you follow these steps the chances are less you to become a failure.

Steps in Brief,

  1. Idea Generation

  2. Evaluation

  3. Registration, Legal Requirements

  4. Make a Plan with Timeline

  5. Put your Step on it

  6. Check the Progress

  7. While Going/ Do Marketing

  8. Final Completing

Step 01: For Start a Plant Nursery | Idea Generation

Why I am saying the generating Plant nursery business ideas is the first and most vital step to your business success. Without many ideas about starting a plant nursery, you will have to select just one of them from a few ideas. 

You will have to stuck in two or three plant nursery ideas. Then You have to study about how much can earn from a plant nursery.

what are the initial costs you have to bear & after that and other plant nursery requirements, documentation process for the register, What are the most profitable Plant Nursery types, Most trending category, What are the most suitable plants for your area, 

what other plant nursery owners got, Who are the potential clients, Who might be potential clients in the future, Determine the plant types and the cost for them, What are the limitations? Finally, collect as much as good ideas.

Financial aspects to consider– to generate good ideas think this aspect as well, How much money you need to start a plant nursery, Number of employees you will to hire, Quantity of plants you expect to produce & cost for that, price changes for plant materials

Step 02: For Start a Plant Nursery | Evaluation

After you come up with several ideas you can do market research to whether it has market potential to grow, Who are your competitors, there market share, initial investment needs, even the forecast the future of your most preferred type of plant nursery.

 For example, if you decide to start an online plant nursery like me. First, do internet research, Find what are the plants people most google, trending plants in these days, whether they can the grow in your area or not, sources to get them. End of these you may generate an idea about what should I select etc.

Step 03: For Start a Plant Nursery | Registration & Legal Requirements

Since nothing is allowed without any documentation process and if not cause them to legal issues, first apply for the registration process to ensure that your business is legally compliant. Sometimes they ask to register after you initially start your plant nursery to check your business (Location Visit).

 If you are going to start a plant nursery in Sri Lanka, you should adopt the Seeds Act guidelines to make both parties assure that you maintained quality detailed products that have no contradiction with legal issues. While those things progressing you can do the rest of things like planning or like setup your plant nursery.

Step 04: For Start a Plant Nursery | Make a Plan with Timeline

Make a plan with a time scale; it can be one month, a 6-month period, or 1 year. Then you can organize your tasks according to it & as well as check your progress. 

If you need more specified, prepare a checklist of each planned task. That will help you do very systematically without forgetting/skipping anything.

Step 05: For Start a Plant Nursery | Put your Step on it

Now you can adapt your plan. Most people stop at the planning stage and have a lack of motive to move forward. As I felt just, do something to start it. Then the results will motive you to go forward.

 It may be first to prepare the location, make the foundation, erect a net house, get a water irrigation system, or even buy some nursery tools & equipment, etc. 

Step 06: For Start a Plant Nursery | Check Progress

If you are giving a contract to set up your Plant Nursery or you do it by yourself with hired laborers check the progress you make. Otherwise, you may be waste your time and money. 

Always try to adapt to the time scale you set. Make sure you are in line with a budget for every task as planned. Meanwhile, you can start making some sample plants, prepare some mother plants that need for future propagate, collecting seeds from plants, order some nursery tools, get some additional knowledge, etc.

Step 07: For Start a Plant Nursery | While Going/ Marketing

If you targeting a special type of customers, or specific geo area you can start your marketing campaigns through the internet & using other media. Prepare a Facebook Page, Join relevant groups, share your posts, share ideas with interested parties, make a Pinterest account, Instagram account.

 However, do not put too much attention on this before you start your nursery. Designing a name board and give, it to a printing press. because sometimes it may take time than you thought.  You can contact clients, Hire some people to market if need, get the help of others.

Step 08: For Start a Plant Nursery | Final Completing

Finally, check whether everything is ok, Process is at this stage, your certificates, registrations, And plant nursery requirements are almost all completed as you can. Now you can continue your plant business as planned. 

Make the plants and looking after them and conduct sales. finally don’t forget to renew your registrations as required, do market analysis time to time, use pricing strategies to compete, responds well to the customer’s request, update your knowledge regarding this business.


You might not need everything as good as possible, what is the most important is, put your first step with trust, you may have very few resources, lack of support, but while you continue it you will see everything is falling to your side that helped every side of your business.


I hope you get some ideas about the steps you have to follow in order to set up a profitable plant nursery. You cannot always adapt to these simple steps but ensure that you worked on a plan, sometimes need to do adjustments to it as needed.

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