Litsea glutinosa Plant: Discover its Medicinal Uses (Indian laurel | Bolly Beech) – A Comprehensive Guide

Litsea glutinosa Plant

Litsea glutinosa


  • English: Indian laurel, Soft Bollygum, Bolly Beech, Bollywood, Bollygum, Brown Bollygum, Brown Bollywood, Sycamore & Brown Beech
  • Australia : Indiese Lourier
  • African : Avocat Marron, Litsée Glutineuse
  • French : bois d’oiseau
  • Mauritius: puso-puso, sablot
  • Sri Lanka : Boomi

Plant Information – Growth, Importance

Litsea glutinosa is recognized as its multipurpose, evergreen medium-sized tree, which is normally grown in between 3 – 20 meters. Though this was introduced & taken as fuelwood for distilleries and commercial productions. It has medicinal values that become popular among communities.

Species of Indian laurel is native to India, China, Southeast Asian countries like Philipines & Malasiya finally Australia, and the western Pacific islands like Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, and the Samoas. In Mayotte island, farmers use this plant as cattle food. Also In china using, the seeds of Indian laurel make soap because it has antiseptic properties. 

Medicinal Uses of Litsea glutinosa

According to researches, Indian laurel showed that it has high antibacterial effects Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus. Ethnomedicinally, the root Bark & leaves use for Litsea glutinosa to fever, treat diarrhea and dysentery as well as to swelling.

Indian laurel also has an Aphrodisiac activity, especially bark is taken to make improved testicular performance. It is traditionally used for gastrointestinal problems like stomach ache, indigestion, gastroenteritis. Pounded seeds of Indian laurel applied for boils.

Other Medicinal properties of this plant are hypotensive, antioxidant, mosquito larvicidal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, Cellular Proliferation in Wound Healing, thrombolytic, Analgesic, Ant nociceptive, Mucilage, hepatoprotective,.

Herbal Remedies

  • The decoction of bark can be applied to scabies and aches and body pains.
  • Crushed leaves with a small amount of water and wash the sore eyes
Litsea glutinosa

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