Ipomoea mauritiana Plant: Discover its Medicinal Uses (Giant Potato | Ksiravidari) – A Comprehensive Guide 

What is the use of Ipomoea mauritiana

Ipomoea mauritiana


  • English: Giant potato; Large forest ipomoea; Alligator Yam; Milky Yam;
  • Hindi: bhuyi kohada; bilayi kand;
  • Tamil: nila-p-pucani; pal-mutanki; palmudangi; Paalmudamgi; palmudukan kizhangu; Nilappuchani;
  • Malayalam: palmutukk; mutalakanta; mutalakkilannu;
  • Kannada: bhoomi chakra gedde; nelagumbala; bujagumbala; nadakumbala;
  • Bengali: bhumikumra;
  • Marathi: bhuikohala; bhuikoholi;
  • Oriya: bhuin kakharu; barahi kanda; brushyakanda; Sita; srugalika;
  • Telugu: bhuchakra gadda; nela gummadi; nelagummudu;
  • Gujarati: Vidaaree Kand;
  • Konkani: bhumikumvali;
  • Sanskrit: (विदारी) vidari; vidari-kanda; ksiravidari; Vidari Ikshugandha; Ikshuvalli; Payasvini; Dirghakanda;Bhumi Kuahmanda;

Plant Information – Growth, Importance

Ipomoea mauritiana, also known as the Mauritius morning glory or giant white moonflower, is a captivating flowering plant from the family Convolvulaceae. Native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia, it has gained popularity as an ornamental plant due to its mesmerizing beauty and vigorous growth.

This fast-growing vine features twining stems that can exceed 20 feet (6 meters) in length. It thrives in various soil types and can quickly cover trellises, fences, and arbors, creating a lush and verdant display.

With its eye-catching appearance, Ipomoea mauritiana is a favored choice for adding natural elegance to gardens, parks, and public spaces. Its large, white trumpet-shaped flowers are adored by flower enthusiasts and often used in floral arrangements for their aesthetic appeal.

Beyond its ornamental value, this plant has traditional medicinal uses in some regions. Extracts from different parts of the plant have been employed in herbal remedies for various ailments, but caution is advised due to potential toxic compounds.

The height of Ipomoea mauritiana varies depending on growing conditions and support structures. It can reach over 20 feet (6 meters) when allowed to climb freely, but it remains more compact when grown in containers or restricted spaces, making it suitable for both large and small gardens.

One of its most enchanting features is the breathtaking flowers that unfurl at night, emitting a sweet fragrance to attract moths and other nocturnal pollinators. With its pristine white hue gleaming under moonlight, this nocturnal bloomer is an ideal choice for moon gardens or nighttime-themed landscapes.

Ipomoea mauritiana stands as a true marvel of floral elegance, enchanting all with its graceful vines and bewitching white blooms. Its rapid growth, ornamental value, impressive height, and alluring nocturnal flowers contribute to its popularity among gardeners and plant enthusiasts worldwide.

Medicinal Uses of Ipomoea mauritiana Plant

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