Cissampelos pareira Plant: Discover its Medicinal Uses (Velvet leaf | Abuta) – A Comprehensive Guide

Cissampelos pareira medicinal uses

Cissampelos pareira


  • Hindi : Padhi, Padha, Patha
  • Tamil  : Appatta
  • Telugu : Chiruboddi
  • Kannada : Padavali
  • African : Kinukadjio
  • Spanish : Abutu, Pareira Brave
  • Mexican Name : Oreja de raton
  • Ayurveda : Laghu patha
  • Brazil : Abutua
  • Peru : Abuta, Barbasco
  • Sri Lanka : Diyamiththa, Kiri Muduwan

Plant Information – Growth, Importance

Cissampelos pareira or Patha is Vine that native to india and widely distributed in Asia, According to Ayurveda it also called Lagu patha. Abuta leaves are edible which grows from seeds. Leaves are 2.5cm – 6cm long & 2.5cm – 7cm broad. Patha grows in places where like the ground or grow as secondary vegetation. 

Patha is important due to many reasons including it has antispasmodic actions, has high potential to control hormonal imbalances & females’ problems like uterine hemorrhages, postnatal, prenatal pain, menstrual cramp. Because of medicinal uses for females’ ailments called Midwives herb in South American countries.

Medicinal Uses

Cissampelos pareira is considered as a diuretic and it uses to dissolve urinary calcifications and chronic bladder inflammation, Stimulates urine production. The main alkaloid containing is berberine and it has anti-fungal, anti-microbial activity.

Also, Abuta acts as an appetizer in some countries which helps to deal with used anorexia, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion.

In Ayurveda and many other practices, Patha is identified as good substances for the female reproductive system and it is often used to purify breast milk secretions and it uses as medicine to avoid the chance of miscarriage. Further, it uses for menstrual problems like pain, cramps, fibroids, excessive bleeding, endometriosis.

Herbal Remedies

  • Prepare jelly by crushing leaves with a small amount of water. Eat after main meals, which help you to improve digestion and avoid drowsiness after meals. For nocturnal emissions a problem, you can take this jelly.
  • A Decoction of root or leaves or stems can be taken for gastrointestinal diseases like Diarrhoea, ulcers, colic, intestinal worms, digestive complaints problems.
    An external paste of leaves & roots can be applied for skin disorders like itching, acne, scabies, impurities.
  • Prepare Juice of leaves and stems (with water) used as anti conjunctivitis, as a treatment for sore eyes


Pregnant women should only use Abuta, Patha under the consultation of a qualified doctor.According to the studies & ethnomedicinal uses, it has anti-fertility chemicals (methalonix), since avoids these plant who expecting a pregnancy. 

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